Gods Word Is Final And Complete

God word is final. It’s not up to us as a people to disagree with what it says. It is what it is and it’s final and it comes from our creator. Who are we to say how things should go, or what it should say? We have no right. God has right. He made us and His way is the best way. That breath your breathing while you read this, God gave you that! We should honor Him because He is God & Creator. We should love Him for giving us this life. We should Believe in Him because He is real! Everything written about God is truth! So i say Amen to His word. I submit to Him and His word. His word is how i live my life as all of us should. Guess what? He still loves us even when we fail Him. We sure do serve an Amazing God!

Read the link below to read more about Gods Word:


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