Gods Love Letter To Us

Oh man, take 10 minutes away from everyone around you, find a quiet space to be alone to watch this video. You are about to hear how much God Loves You, how much He thought of you, and how much He still thinks of you. This video uses scriptures from the Bible to remind us just how much the Lord loves us. Enjoy!

Believe in the Triune God of the bible because He sure does love you and me and all of us. Believe in the PERFECT son Jesus Christ as your lord and savior so that you may be able to meet the Lord Your GOD who loves you so much and gives salvation. Jesus is the only one who can reconcile us back with God. I pray that each person reading this is saved. Time is short! Today is the day to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

*Please share this video with your friends and family. We ALL need to be reminded how much God Loves us. You never know who may need to be told this.